Important Final Project Due Dates

Story starter - April 14

First draft - April 28 (This is a rough, hand written or typed draft that is needed before the group editing process that follows)

Group edit revision 1 - May 1 (-5 points for each day late)

Group edit revision 2 - May 2 (-5 points for each day late)

Revision 3 (typed and double spaced) - May 8

Final revision due (typed and double spaced) for 1 on 1 edit which begins May 10 (-5 points for each day late)

Final (power point /story book / movie) project due May 22 or on the day of your presentation.

Final project class presentations - May 22 to May 25


Accent Marks

Project Rubrics

*Staple your final typed story to your self graded rubric and turn them in on the day that you present to the the class.