Useful Links



    • Blog which includes pop culture, current events, and other tibits related to Spanish speaking countries in Spanish written for those learning Spanish.

Online verb conjugations:

Extra Practice


  • Notes in Spanish
    • Conversations between a Spaniard (from Madrid) and an Englishman who has learned Spanish and is living in Madrid. There are podcasts for every level including the learner who has never heard a word of Spanish before. And they are a fun pair to listen to.
  • Denison Podlangs
    • Various podcasts by native speakers.
  • Spanish Pods
    • Podcasts for different levels.


Latin Music USA PBS Videos

Reading in Spanish


  • Word Reference
    • Best online Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionary I have found. I especially like the discussion boards to better understand how specific words and phrases are used.
  • Spaleon
    • Conjugates any verb in all tenses.
  • Study Spanish
    • Clear grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, and pronunciation help.

Spanish Speaking Country Information
  • CIA Factbook
    • Detailed and updated information about every country. This site is in English.
  • Don Quijote
    • Cultural information about Spain in English.

Cinco de mayo